Thursday, November 14, 2013

Great and Greatly Missed

I have told many people this before, both in the blogosphere and in person: In a perfect world, we would die, our pets would peacefully follow a few minutes later.

Sadly, it is not so and we as humans must endure the loss of our furred friends many times during our lives.

After 15 1/2 years, Molly, our faithful wiener dog became decrepit enough that she no longer could lead a misery free life and we had to put her down. She died as peaceful death as I have ever seen, in the arms of The Saint That I Am Married To. 

The Saint and I were both sniveling like bitches.  The vet was kind enough to leave us alone for a few minutes to get our act together before sneaking out of the front door.

We knew this was coming, Molly had been getting worse for quite some time. Her sight, her hearing, her situational awareness and her ability to be a dog were just not there any more. Two nights of illness closed the deal, it was time.

My original plan was to bury her in the back yard. Our smallish yard and the possibility of a future owner digging up a wiener dog skeleton while working on a landscaping project precluded that option. That and the illegality of the act.

The thought of her laying in a plastic garbage bag and being disposed of in a landfill, rendering plant or some other mass disposal facility was unacceptable as well. Thus, we opted to have her individually cremated.

A few days later, the vet called and said that Molly's remains were ready to be picked up. I had no idea that her ashes would be in a little cedar box and that we would receive a plaster cast of her little paw print. I had no desire for either, nut now that we have them, I am most grateful.

As I write this, I miss her. No so much the old decrepit Molly, or the destructive part of young Molly. Those times were what they were.

I miss the loyal, playful Molly, the faithful companion who kept my wife company while I was away at work or deployed to places far away. I miss the camping Molly and the good Jeepdog who was fun to have hanging around.

I don't know where dogs go after they die. It seems kind of presumptuous to think that we humans can be worthy of a heavenesque afterlife and that dogs cannot. I just hope that she is in a better place - she is most certainly worthy of it.

I miss you Molly