Sunday, December 20, 2015

Firevergn├╝gen or Feuervergugen

Driving on the freeway downtown and saw the smoke. I was lucky, as I was able to exit and get to a vantage point and watch the boys from Sta. #1 and #6 go to work. Also lucky, as I was able to get back in the truck and leave as soon as it was out. The freeway was shut down for half an hour or so, I was home editing photos before the last unit cleared.

I grabbed the wrong camera/lens (70-200) as I exited my truck, so these are all a little tighter than I would have liked. I am thinking of swapping my main lens (24-70 2.8) for a 24-105 f4. The 24-105 F4 is a slightly "slower" lens, but it has image stabilization and it is a zooms in a little closer than the 24-70. I think it would be a little more versatile and as I tend to shake a little bit at times, (especially when I am fired up) the stabilization would be helpful.

Good work by the Downtown and North End engines for making quick work of this, they have been seeing a bit of flamage the past few weeks. As I live on the other end of town, I have seen little of it.

Thanks for reading,