Sunday, July 26, 2009

Schmoe Snivels. Like a sissy.

I have been back to work now for a "cycle", which consists of 4 - 24 hour shifts with 24 hours off between each one.

A few items occurred last cycle which are worthy of a line or two. That sad thing is however, I won't be sharing them with you for a while as I am currently unable to focus on writing. You see, my domicile is currently in a state of chaos. This chaos is directly the result of my @#$%^& *(&%%^& air conditioner deciding to quit working last night.

I guess the $6000 I spent on a new unit 3 years, 1 month and 27 days ago was not enough. The compressor has catastrophically failed. It should be covered under warranty, but I will likely have to fork over another $500 or so for labor. Folks, a few hours ago it was 91 degrees in my house. MY HOUSE!!!! Thankfully the sun went down and it's only 88. That' s 31.11111 degrees for my metric readers.

Even the dogs are wilting. At least they aren't whining, like I am.

The Saint that I am married to is a kind, fair and merciful spouse. She upped my daily grog ration to three, so I will be able to survive. I think that was more for her benefit than mine.

I know that in the scope of things, my issue is trivial and insignificant. I know that some of you right now are suffering far worse than I. I am deeply sorry for your strife and sincerely hope that things improve for you. But on the bright side, now you all know what kind of sniveling little bitch I can be.

Thanks for reading,

A warm Schmoe.


  1. I feel for ya. This might be a good time to invest in a $10 walmart box fan or 3. Keep the airflow up and it's a bit more tolerable at least.

    Stay cool.

  2. Yikes Capt.
    Our AC is still plugging along but kicked on at 930 the other morning. And I have it set to 78. We're escaping to the coast today to get away from the heat. Good luck.

  3. Hey! what's the big idea? Theres only room for one whiney little bitch around here, and lately that's been me! So get in line, Capt. Sir, and suck it up!

  4. Must be a fire blogger thing. I came home from shift this morning to find my wife throwing towels into the joist spaces in the attic. Broken HVAC drip pan (the internal one). He's quoting 600 but I think my wife may have him at 400 (she's a business owner and savvy like that). Unless it's burning, I'm clueless.

  5. Firelady - Fans did help, not as much as I would have liked though. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Mick - I hope you got your issue resolved. Water stains on the ceiling are no good.

    Michael - The problem was resolved for less than I thought so I will stop being a whiney bitch. For now.

    Thanks for the comments,

    a cool and happy Schmoe

  6. thats a cute puppy there, mister. Looks a little droopy though.

    The Saint