Saturday, August 22, 2009

R.I.P. Officer Hamilton

Taking a break, sitting down with a "cold frosty" after doing some chores. I check one of the cop blogs that I like to read and I see this:

He was just another Schmoe, trying to keep the wolves from the door. For his little girls, and for us, he just went to work, hoping to do a good job, put his shift in and go home. Then some dirtbag took him out. This Schmoe was named Jesse Hamilton.

I have responded to fatal officer down shootings. I have had the funeral procession pass beneath my extended ladder, with the huge American Flag waving in the breeze. I have seen the physical carnage done to the fallen officer; the emotional carnage done to his family, to the surviving officers who were part of the incident and to their families. It is an incredible amount of damage caused by one sub-human who can't play by the rules. It makes me sick.

Sorry for the rant. Keep Officer Hamilton's family in your prayers.



  1. Thank You for your tribute to one of my fallen brothers. We tease back and forth (fire and police) but we are all brothers thanks

  2. Schmoe, there are no words, only tears, thank you for caring and posting this.