Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fuego - It's Been A While...

...since I have been able to shoot a working structure fire.

I could tell.

Still, it was sure good to see the lads on A shift getting it done.

It was only an outbuilding that may or may not have been occupied at one time.

Regardless, it was pretty much a defensive operation, though there was a  lot of stuff on the lot and surrounding property that could burn.

As I was wearing only brush gear, I must admit - I got a little warm before it was through.

Still, the outcome was never in doubt and soon the dragon was slain. Then the work began.

My friend Eric, a retired captain from another agency, once told me that we put up with a lot of BS for the few moments of joy that extinguishment brings. Overhaul is kind of like that.

Some would argue that being a medic on a fire call is kind of like that as well. However, most medics I know enjoy helping people, whether there are dragons to be slain or not. By the time this pt. was treated and loaded, the dragon's body was already cooling and beginning to stiffen.

The last time you readers saw Engine #2, she was at the fire truck store, getting outfitted. The crew at 2's seem to like her, she was a much needed replacement.

I am glad I was around for this, this is the stuff I really enjoy shooting. I saw a lot of friends, including two guys from my last crew. The best part was that I was home drinking a cold frosty before these guys got the hose picked up.

I lifted a glass to their honor. Strong work laddies.

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