Wednesday, June 27, 2012

21 Days

I received an e-mail today, one from a reader who wanted to make sure that I was all right. I guess it has been three weeks since my last post and while I haven't been as prolific as a year ago, 21 days is a long time for me to go without espousing some opinion or another.

I wish I had a good reason for not posting, but I don't. When I was working, there was never a shortage of interesting things to write about. Nor was there a shortage of interesting things to photograph. The badge on my chest was like a magic passport. It opened all sorts of doors, allowing me entry into places that others could not go. My life was a little unique and I enjoyed sharing the cool, the tragic and the interesting with you.

My life has become a little more mundane, in fact some might even call it boring. In many ways that is a good thing, however the current banality of my life has not inspired me to take up the keyboard and put you to sleep with the details.

I have mentioned before my need to assess this blog and determine where I want to go with it. Another anniversary has recently passed, I have been doing this for over three years. As such, I am not going to allow it to die. I have too much effort and emotion in it to just let it go.

When I read older posts, I can't help but notice how much of my soul I put into what I was trying to say. I don't see that emotion in the lines that I have written in the past nine months and it troubles me. I want to get back to the point to where I can put something down that deserves to be picked up. I am confident that I will get there, I just can't say when.

So, TRJ, rest easy. All is well in the Schmoe house, it is just a time of transition. I am truly derelict in not posting, if even to let people know things are ok. For that I apologize. I appreciate each and every person who read my little blog - you deserve better.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Capt. Schmoe, you are a loyal reader of my blog, Decision Height, but I have not visited yours until now. You write well and I urge you to keep it up. I look forward to browsing your archives.

  2. Frank Ch. EiglerJune 28, 2012 at 6:31 AM

    Funny how work defines us to such an extent.

  3. Alan - Thanks for the kind words. I am a loyal reader of your blog and I enjoy it very much. Had I listened to my mother and applied myself in school, our professional backgrounds might have been more alike. Keep the greasy side down!

    Frank - You are so right, I underestimated how much so. It's amazing how many people in my position underestimated how big a role their career played in their being. Was it denial, or arrogance?

    Thanks for the comments.

  4. I too, have experienced the same sort of "drying up" of the passion or drive to write. My life has gotten so busy in other areas that I have been neglecting the FD, and so too my blog.

    Glad to hear from you though! KTF Brother! It will come!

  5. FC5-Ahhh, 5 weeks. Now I don't feel so bad!
    Good to hear from you.