Sunday, December 23, 2012


Sorry for not posting recently, I have been in a bit of a funk. Nothing serious, but I just have not been inspired to write or blog. I have been taking pictures like crazy though.

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My friend BIlly.

Crawl low under the smoke

Or not

One on one


ABC (not real)


Gratuitous "Huddle" shot

The above photos were taken over a couple of days at a training burn in our city. A large public works project requires that a dozen or so houses be torn down, the RFD has been able to conduct training burns in several of them. The days of taking them to the ground are long gone, so they have to be intact, overhauled and secure when we are done with them. Just like real life.

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  1. Merry Christmas Captain - hope the funk lets go soon. Thanks for sharing all you do, you are an inspiration to many.

  2. Friend Billy has got himself a seriously crispy helmet. For training days only I suppose?


  3. Brigid - Thanks for the support. Yeah, no big deal, it happens once in a great while. Whattaya gonna do? Hope you got some time off and the bat phone left ya alone. Happy New Year to you and Barkley.

    BGMiller - Billy's lid is indeed seriously crispy. Billy teaches fire control classes all over the place, that is the lid that he wears when conducting classes.

    Our agency issues those "funny little plastic helmets" as Willie Wines calls them and does not allow any other type. We are (I was) required to keep them clean as well.

    Thanks for the comments.

  4. Love Billy's lid, kudos to him for wearing a real helmet around all that tactical tupperware!!

    I keep my dead cow as clean as possible myself, my training lid is an old 1010 I have had for about 15 years. It has a little bit of "character" itself!

    Keep on posting man! I fell off the wagon for a while myself........

  5. FC5 - After 15 yrs, I'm sure that training 1010 does have a bit of character - that adds to the training "experience".

    Thanks for the comment