Monday, July 14, 2014

Still Kickin'

I haven't posted for a while. Actually, I haven't posted for a long while. No excuses, just a lack of inspiration, motivation and creation.

I appreciate those of you who have asked about my status, I am touched. Life has been pretty good, a couple of trips, many photographs and good times with friends and family have kept me pretty busy happy, screwing off has occupied a lot of my time.

I seem to excel at procrastination, not having firm deadlines seem to agree with my "screw it, I'll get it tomorrow" persona.

I've actually thought about pulling this down, but remembering how hard I worked to get it started compels me to keep it alive.

So, if you have room on your RSS feed, keep me on it. You never know when a nugget might show up.

Thanks for your lyalty,


  1. Welcome back Schmoe. I don't have an RSS feed, but I check your site 2 or 3 times a week. At lest give us a progress report on the new headquarters station.

  2. My feelings exactly. I am glad to see this is all still here. Even if you do quit, it is nice to have the material to return to, to find that *one* post that needs to be shared. I too have been on hiatus for a long while, but the door remains ajar.

    Incidentally, your blogroll still has my blog's old address. The new one is should you ever get around to updates, but I understand why you might not.

    Keep the faith, enjoy retirement, and thanks for your tales.

  3. Thanks Grumpy, It's kind of funny how we just need to keep that blog door ajar. I'm going to update the link, that is if I can remember how!