Monday, September 15, 2014

I have a fascination with aerial firefighting. The combination of my career and one of my longest lasting interests works for me. A few days ago, I went to San Bernardino International Airport and photographed the loading of retardant into several air tankers, which were working the Silverado Fire.

Two of the tankers were converted DC-10 airliners. Early "Jumbo Jets", the are huge. I had never seen one at SBD, so I though I'd head over and snap a few pics.

I got lucky, and caught two of them. Tankers 911 and 912.

As you can see, pretty impressive. Whats really impressive, is the video below. It was shot a few hours after the above photo, from the Silverado Fire. Watch full screen HD if you can.

I don't know who shot it, I wish it was me. I'm just guessin' that the design team at McDonnell Douglas, back in the '60s, had no idea their jumbo jet would be doing that for a living. I sure didn't see it coming.

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  1. Cap-

    You are not the only one that has a fascination with Aerial Firefighting!

    I'm sure you know about this site:

    In fact, if memory serves, you might have linked to it in the past. There is another good HD video on the Courtney Fire which includes some impressive video on the DC-10 Tankers.

    Be safe.

  2. Badger Medic - I can't stop watching it. Also, thanks for the links, I haven't been there for a while and will check it out again.
    Thanks for the comment.