Sunday, August 14, 2016

Persiods 2016

The hype said that the annual Persiod meteor shower was going to be the best since 2009. As I was truly impressed with last years show and didn't want to miss out, I packed up the gear and headed out to Joshua Tree National Park.

 Photographically, I was a little disappointed. Out of almost 600 images, I captured 15 with meteors in them. None had a "fireball" type meteor in them, though some were a little bigger than others.
Visually, it was absolutely amazing. This years Persiods lived up to the hype and delivered a spectacular display. The thousands of other people that had driven into the middle of the desert probably agree. What a display!

 I was there from about 8:30 Thursday night until 2:30 Friday morning. I slipped into bed about 0430 yesterday and didn't get much done around here after I got up. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. It was worth it.

 The Persiods are an annual event, One that I will try not to miss.

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  1. Maybe not a great light show- but literally great pictures. Gorgeous.

  2. Thanks, Kevin. Though it was a tough drive home, it was definitely worth the trip

  3. Nice pix. It was overcast where I live, so I missed it.