Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fun With a New Lens

I am going to Alaska and Canada later on in the year and I wanted to get a  long lens to capture images of nature that my existing lens collection cannot. Due to the almost 10% sales tax that is collected in my city, I ordered one from B&H photo in N.Y. City and waited for the U.P.S. guy. A few days later, the lens, a case of toilet paper and some K-Cup coffee show up on the porch. was having free shipping on the t.p. and the coffee - I can't drive to Costco without spending a ton, so on-line works for us. What a country.

I hadn't a chance to use the new lens until Fri. evening, after I got off from my part-time retirement gig. As nothing was burning ( a good thing) I headed out to the airport, Things were being set up for today's airshow, which presented some photo opportunities not usually available.

 WWII era SNJ Navy version of the AT-6

Another SNJ retracts the gear after lifting off.

Flight of three AT-6s/SNJs overhead. 400mm focal length.

Riverside P.D. Air 1 sneaks away from the P.D. hangar. Taken 
from across the field. This was cropped a little to add zoom.

Loadmaster on this C-17 shows some
folks around. I have flown on this same 
aircraft, an experience I will never forget.

A P-51 flew did a few low passes while I was there.

I am very happy with the lens, though I need to read the manual and practice with it to improve efficiency. You-tube may help with this as well. I am amazed at the level of sharpness it seems capable of, how fast it can focus I hope it works equally well shooting bears, moose and icebergs.

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