Saturday, October 24, 2009

As Promised

As promised on my blackberry post earlier today here are a couple of pictures I shot while visiting my folks down south. I must say, a long lens means you don't have to get as close. Megapixels don't hurt either.

Although I am not sure which one is which, one of these is likely the same helicopter which made my life a lot easier during a fire that we had quite some time back. That story is told here: Why I like Helicopters These pilots do a great job and save everybody a lot of work.

Not fire related but: What the heck happened to Nebraska today ? Looking at the DVR, they just gave that game away. Between the lackluster season the Cubs had this year, The Angel's struggle against the Yankees and the Husker's below standard performance, I am about to give up sports for ballet or golf. Well, at least there is still time for the Packers.

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  1. RE: Nebraska.


    It's like the old 62-36.

    At some point, I become indifferently amused. As I did on that fateful day, I got there today, too.... somewhere between the 6th and 7th turnovers.

    First ISU win at Memorial since 1977? Ugh.

  2. My Friend in Kingman, AZ, is part of the crew with the 5 water/airplanes they have. I have sat in one of them and photograph them. 5000G of water they can scoop I think in 7 seconds. I can look for that Blog if you like.
    As always, reading your words I feel as sitting next to you!
    Be well... Ara & Spirit

  3. Very cool pics of that fire and helicopter, Capt.!