Thursday, October 8, 2009


Two 2007 Triple Combination Pumpers - $760,000

One 2002 Toyota Camry, well involved with a burning puddle of fuel under it $5300

Services of eight trained fire suppression personnel for one hour - $250

Look on Captain Schmoes face when he is told Engine 224's pre-plumbed foam system doesn't work either - Priceless.

Whaddaya gonna do?

For you baseball fans.

When you are watching the game, do you ever wonder who has those seats right behind home plate? You know, the ones whose occupants you see every time the TV camera shows the close-up of the ball hitting the catcher's mitt. Well, one of my co-worker's family has those seats. While watching a play off game yesterday, I see my co-worker watching the game from the absolute front row, two seats from directly behind the plate. His family has had season tickets at this park since the beginning, my co-worker catches several games a year. Even though I've known about this for a while and I like the dude, It still pisses me off!!!!

The Hits Keep Coming

In August, I told you about a local businessman who was suffering through this awful economy. We inspected his business and I wrote about his and many others plight. Schmoe won't play (probably)  Today, we show up to work and find out that a water main had burst yesterday, just outside his roll-up door. The fifty bajillion gallons of water flowed around his building, with several inches of it getting inside and damaging some stock and some equipment. We stopped by today to check on him, he didn't look any less stressed out today than he did in August.

Here is a shot of the broken pipe. The water pressure in this area is really "hot" and this is a looped main. This means that a lot water was coming out of both ends of the break. It uplifted the asphalt a hundred feet away.

This is the last thing this guy needed. I'm glad we stopped by to check on him, I hope that this setback doesn't do him in.

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  1. Those inline units are always getting clogged. Just dripping the foam solution into the stream of water produces much better results anyway, and never breaks down.

    Even a spray bottle into the stream works wonders.

  2. I hate it when my mans pump gets clogged.

    Doh! =O

  3. Oh man if I were him I'd start wondering if someone was trying to tell me something! Hope things start getting better for him!