Thursday, May 26, 2011

Photo Class

I am well into the next photography class. This one is a little more artsy-fartsy as opposed to technical. I'm ok with that, as I am more of a documentarian than an artistic photographer and can safely afford expand my artistic knowledge. For this weeks assignment I opted to blend the two by "colorizing" this photo:

Click to enlarge
As the instructor is a true artistic photographer, it will be interesting to hear his reaction. All of our submissions are shown to the class and critiqued by the instructor and by some of the students.

We have a lot of Asian students in the class and they are really reluctant to give feedback, especially feedback is negative in nature.

There is an arrogant white guy who sits in the front row. He takes delight in ripping stuff apart, so he kind of makes up for the Asian's courtesy. I kind of take the middle road and comment if I like something and make tender suggestions if I don't. It's all about balance and we are all there to learn.

We'll see who wins out - the polite Asians, the arrogant white guy or the artsy-fartsy instructor. The way I see it, the instructor's vote is the only one that really matters.

I must also add that the person who turns in the best work in this class is a diminutive college woman who sits quietly in the second row. She doesn't say much, but turns in beautiful work, week after week. Unlike Mr. Arrogance up in the front row.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Captain Schmoe, the artsy fartsy looks good on you... that's a good pic. I like that you left the flag in color, too.

  2. Thanks Wayne, That was for the benefit of the instructor, just to let him know where I stand.

  3. Yet again, another fantastic picture! I love it.

    (It's hydrantgirl - blogger wont let me sign in?!)

  4. Thanks H.G, I'm glad you like it. I sent it over to the crew pictured, They liked it too. Gotta keeps the crews happy.

    Thanks again.

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