Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trouble for Some and I'm Out

 Wonder why these guys are standing up and everybody else is on their faces?

The guys standing are the guys in trouble, the rest of the group are taking the beating for them. I have no knowledge of the offenses, though I am quite sure they were minor. Sometimes a little peer pressure works wonders, especially for minor stuff and situations where other corrective measures have been unsuccessful.

This is a tight group of kids, most are pretty squared away. They were a delight to have around the station for the most part, I still enjoy dropping by the tower and shooting pictures on drill night. Quite a few of these kids have ended up working for one department or another, the program is a good place to start.

 I just finished packing El Cheepo Jeepo, tomorrow I am heading out to the desert with some friends for some jeeping, camping and exploring. We are going to the El Paso mountains and Last Chance Canyon. I went there last year with another friend and had a great time, though I froze my ass off at night.

This year, I will be going with a friend that I have never camped with, one that I haven't camped with for twenty years or so and a couple of guys I have only met once or twice. Oh yeah, and my brother in law, whom I have camped with plenty of times.

As we are going for three days, we should be able to see some stuff that I missed last year. I added some gear, so the cold temperatures shouldn't be a problem. We shall see.

You can read about last year's trip HERE and HERE. I am taking my camera, even though the weather is supposed to be kind of crappy. I hope to get some decent pictures, it is a very interesting location.

As we will be miles from internet access, it will be Monday before I post again. I hope you all have a great weekend.

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