Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Caught On Camera - Electric Vault Ka-Boom sends OCFA Crew Reeling

 The Story of an Orange County Fire Authority crew getting caught up in an underground vault explosion has been pretty big news around here for the last couple of days, but I was still surprised when it was featured again last night on the 10 O' clock news

Yet again, I was caught working my molars over when I heard the magic words "Caught on Camera". I turned toward the T.V. just in time to see a couple of guys from O.C.F.A. enveloped in a fireball and another image of one of the firefighters dragging the other out of the danger zone.

Blast That Sent Fire Captain Flying Caught On Camera « CBS Los Angeles

I was further surprised to see Captain Dave Wolfe of the OCFA being interviewed at his home, relating of his experience in the matter. I actually know Dave, we moonlighted together at a small department back in the day. He has actually been pictured in this blog, though I blurred his face out as i didn't want his mother to see what obscene gestures her son was capable of making.

The explosion was caught of the dash cam of a Brea P.D. cruiser who had responded  to the call with O.C.F.A. It is really worth a look, click on the link above. Sorry for the ad, I could find an embed code so I had to link it.

I hope Wolfe heals up OK, his ears look a little tender. It also looks like his boot did a good job, shaking out the twittering birds and dragging Wolfe to safety. It looks like they were both a little lucky considering that they were a little unlucky to begin with.

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  1. Whoa.

    Glad Capt. Wolfe is okay.
    And looks like the boot did everything by the numbers after he shook off the stars he was seeing.
    Hope he gets an attaboy.