Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shooter of Craps

It's always a crap shoot when you head to the desert this late in the season. It could be nice, maybe in the mid to high eighties, or it could be hot, slightly over the century mark.

When we made plans for this weekend, back in February, it was really nice. Looking up the weather for Indio/Ocotillo Wells for this weekend, it is supposed to be 100+. Hopefully, it will cool down into the low 70's at night, allowing for sleeping. As we don't have a large enough generator to run the A/C in our trailer - shade, water and beer will have to suffice for cooling during the day. We have plenty of all three.

One bonus of the warm weather will be fewer people. As this is not a long weekend, the crowds will be fewer still. Hopefully the carnage will be at a lower level as well. I will let you know on that.

This is probably our last trip to the desert this year, unless we decide to camp a a place with hookups in a few weeks. That is doubtful, but you never know.

Regardless this will likely be a great weekend for us, hopefully yours will be as well.

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