Friday, October 26, 2012

Am I Paranoid?

Or is that really a helicopter following me down the street?

Actually, I was in El Cheepo Jeepo, stopped at a red light when I heard this helicopter on short final to the pad at the local hospital. As my camera was in arm's reach, I pulled it out and snapped a few shots before it landed.

Fear not, the Saint I Am Married To was watching the light for me while my attention was focused in the rear view mirror. No motorists were inconvenienced while shooting this picture.

That is the only the second time I have seen the helipad used. The first was at the dedication ceremony when a Mercy Air ship landed for the ceremony. I know it gets used more, I just don't get to see it.

I would really like to get up on the pad when a helicopter lands, the hospital would make a great background. Maybe I should work on that.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekened.


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