Friday, October 19, 2012

Off to Sacramento

The Saint I Am Married To and I are loading up the car and spending the day driving up North to Sacramento. I am heading up to shoot the California State Firefighter's Association Valor Awards Ceremony which will be held tomorrow night.

The ceremony honors recipients of CSFA Valor Awards, whic are awarded to firefighters, law enforcement officers and civilians  who have really hung it out there and placed themselves at great personal risk in order to save another from death or serious injury. It's real hero stuff and I am honored to be able to shoot it.

I have photographed a few of these type events before and have really been impressed by the actions that some have taken to assist their fellow man. It is humbling in a way, because I know that not everyone is capable of some of the acts that these people have performed.

The event is held on the same weekend as the California Firefighter's Memorial Ceremony, which we will be attending as well. I will be marching in the procession, which travels from the steps of the capitol to the memorial site.

I attended the memorial ceremony two years ago, when the name of a good friend and colleague was added to the wall. His name and several others from my department are on the memorial, it is a sobering moment when I see their names carved into the stone.

There will be quite a few members from my agency attending either or both of the two events - most active duty, some retired. It will good to see them, hoist a few drafts and remember our fallen. The good thing is that we remember the fun times, the laughter and the joy that our gig can bring.

On Sunday, the Saint and I will goof off and spend some quality time together before heading home on Monday. The weather is supposed to be good and I am looking forward to the drive. Speaking of which, I'd better get busy - the car isn't going to load itself.

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