Monday, June 3, 2013

Into The Light

A snap of one of the guys walking down the hallway of a mini-storage facility. I got lucky, I happened to be walking past the other end of the building when I looked up and saw this scene. I had time to crank off two shots before he exited the building at the other end. This was the second and the better of the two.
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I wish I knew who this was, I'd give him a copy. Maybe someone will recognize themselves and download it. It kinda seems like a wasted image if the subject can't use it!

Maybe I'll just print it. I like it and some of the stuff going on in it.It has some interesting patterns, some reflection, some geometric shapes and leading lines.

I'm glad this worked out OK, the fire was pretty well out when I got there. This shot kind of made the trip worth it.

It's a good thing that "B" shift jumped on this, mini-storage facilities can be a challenge. Threes was first in and a rather busy railroad stood between them and this fire. A 103 car train and this tale might have had a different outcome. Might have had some more exiting shots though.

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