Friday, June 14, 2013

Thanks, Google

Sixteen days left until Google pulls the plug on Google Reader. Like many, I have used GR for years to read the bajillion blogs that I like to peruse. Frankly, I am a little pissed that Google has decided to quit the project. It could be a pain in the ass for me and for a lot of people who like to read blogs, news feeds and othe RSS type stuff.

Now, the question is what the keck am I going to use to replace Google Reader? I have looked into a couple of options. One had promise, but it was a reader that was in beta test release. I don't think that I want to part of a test project. If it doesn't work, properly or isn't accepted by the RSS feed reading public, it may just go away. I don't want to go through switching readers again in a few years, I just want to find something that works and stick with it.

FEEDFLY seems to be a possible option. It appears to be an easy migration from GR and it appears that many who use it like it. There are those however who do not like it.

I am not yet sure what I am going to do, but time is running short. I would like to make whatever move I am going to make sometime before June 29. I no longer like making decisions under the pressure of time constraints, so I will try to stay ahead of this one.

Any ideas that you all might have will be appreciated.

Thanks, Google for bailing out on me.

Thanks to you  for reading,



  1. I switched to Feedly about two months ago. I like the iPad app and the web version isn't bad either. It definitely has a different feel than GR, but I got used to it.

  2. Once I decide where to host it I'm probably going to migrate to Tiny Tiny RSS. It is a bit complicated to set up but will do what I want and I'll be in complete control of it.

    I just finished migrating my podcast feeds out of a Google Reader and Google Listen combination to Podcast Addict on my Android phone.

  3. I just switched to Feedly (yes, I _am_ a procrastinator). It is similar enough to Google Reader that the switch wasn't too jarring, and seems fast and solid.

  4. Joe, Wayne, Anon - Feedfly it is. The initial transition was easy, though I still have to tweak it a bit to get it the way I want. Thanks for the advice.