Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Guess His Luck Ran Out

A few weeks ago, I posted about a guy who was pretty lucky for an unlucky guy. Yesterday, I stopped by Sta. #3 to pick up a radio and was told that the gentleman's luck had run out and he had passed.

Apparently, he did not make it too much longer after reaching the hospital. I talked to a few of the guys who had assisted in rescuing the man, even the most jaded of us agreed that being trapped anywhere for several days would not be a pleasant way to go. At least he was aware that he had been rescued before he passed, hopefully he knew that somebody had made an effort to save his life.

The news of his death didn't make the paper. Apparently the hospital didn't think it newsworthy enough to let the paper know, or perhaps the paper didn't think anyone cared enough to publish it. Transient (assuming he was a transient) deaths are a dime a dozen, one more dying under bizarre circumstances is not worth a column inch or two of space in the paper.

I was kind of hoping that this event might have been an opportunity for the guy to turn his life around, kind of a rebirth. Apparently, this was not to be. He had put his fate in the hands of lady luck. She let him down.

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