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My kids are pretty much grown. As a result, I don't see too many kids movies any more. Apparently, there is one out now titled Despicable Me 2. I haven't seen it, nor have I seen Despicable Me. (though it would be an appropriate title for my auto-biography)

Despicable Me is an animated movie and contain a set of characters known as minions. I have no idea what they do or what they are about other than they are minions.

 Photo kyped from www.fanpop.com

 Hitler had his minions,  Stalin had his. Apparently, someone in Despicable Me 2 has minions as well.

Now, the City of Yucaipa CA has been invaded by minions.

Photo by Rick Sforza, San Bernardino Sun Times

Some unknown artist has noticed that the physique of a minion is not unlike that of a fire hydrant and has dressed several hydrants in Yucaipa accordingly. Even I, uncreative and unobservant creature that I am, can see a resemblance.

According to The San Bernardino Sun, the reaction in the community has been mostly positive. Residents, the Po-Po and at least one fire captain were interviewed and all responded more or less the same - cute, as long as it doesn't interfere with operation during a fire.

A rep from the water district was a little more concerned, stating that the clothing used to turn the hydrants into minions might conceal the color coding painted on the hydrant to denote available water pressure.

I find that to be an odd statement, as none of the hydrants pictured in the Sun appeared to be color coded at all. Also, I would have though the rep from the water would have known that color coding on hydrants denotes flow (gpm) not pressure.

Personally, I think it is kind of cool, but I don't think the practice of placing anything on a hydrant is an especially good idea -it kind of sets a bad precedent.

Many agencies have a policy regarding the customization of hydrants, but there is usually a procedure to follow ensuring that the hydrant remains functional and properly marked. I'm just guessin' that gloves cable tied to the stems and caps wouldn't be within most policies.

For the full S.B. Sun article on the matter, CLICK HERE.

Now, I just want to find out how to get an army of my own minions. Of course they would only be used for good and not evil. Well, maybe for a little evil.

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