Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's Never Good When....

...You return from a call to find water coming out from under the front door of the station!

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This was my room for a few years. It never had an inch of water in it while I was there!

Squeegee duty - almost as much fun... squeegee duty.

Silly water, holes are for poles!

Another victim of Thursday's storm. If I had to guess, I would say that the buildings scuppers were either overwhelmed or at least partially obstructed. Possibly a combination of both. Regardless, vast quantities of water entered the building through through the roof and flooded about half of the second floor and about a third of the first floor.

There was significant damage to the building and furnishings despite a significant salvage effort. Most of our units were busy responding to calls while this was occurring, efforts to control this event didn't really get going until after the storm had moved on. The city's Building Services called in a professional restoration contractor in order to minimize further damage. Wise move.

The downtown crews are supposed to move into the new house in a month or so, this event may speed up the process.

I'm just glad this didn't happen while I was stationed there.

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