Saturday, January 25, 2014

I Think She's Going To Work Out

Zoie has been here a couple of weeks. It was quickly apparent that she is a very sweet dog who came from a loving home.

She has been remarkably easy. No accidents, no barking, no destruction of property - no real issues at all. She has evolved into being my dog mainly, though she likes #2 son and The Saint That I Am Married To as well. 

Getting to know the territorial wiener dogs as been her main challenge, they made things a little tough on her but not too bad. They made life tough on me as well, giving me the cold shoulder for the first week or so that Zoie was here. Somehow, they knew that Zoie being here was my doing, not The Saint's.

Each day got a little better. Though there was only one real kerfuffle, there was plenty of posturing on both sides. Things have reached a point of stability, though I don't think the issue of dominance has really been resolved. I am sure it will be at some point, that's the way dogs roll.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying new dog. Her old owner has texted me a few times to see how she is doing. I think she is as happy as we are with the ease of the transition. I am sure that Zoie misses her old human. After all, she was with her for over three years. That's her entire childhood in dog years.

As the transition continues I am quite sure a few items may pop up, but I am equally as sure they will be minor and easily handled. Until then we will just enjoy the ride and enjoy sweet Zoie.

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  1. Just found your place, I like what I see. Your dogs are special. As a military man I've always had the feeling that cops and firefighters are kindred spirits. I'll be back.

    (Found my way here from a comment you left at Lagniappe's Lair. A blog buddy of mine.)