Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Town From The Upside

I worked with a guy named Eric. We weren't real close, he worked at the USAR station and I worked up the hill at the healing place. I'd see him once in a while at the USAR building and on fires when the second tuck company made it to my scene. I knew that he liked to surf and that he liked to shoot video with a GoPro camera.

I had also heard that he had purchased a type of Quad Copter drone, one that can carry a Go Pro camera and shoot video. I didn't realize how cool it was until Saturday, when we ran into each other at a USAR search dog certification test. Frankly, that set up is pretty bad-ass.

I don't know all of the technical details, but I know it has a radio range of a couple of miles and that the video is down linked to a screen on the controller. This enables him to fly it when he cant see it. The drone also remembers where it was launched from and if radio contact is lost, it will return to that point. Like I said, it's pretty bad-ass.

Eric has been busy with his drone. One of his projects was to shoot some of the landmarks in the downtown area of my city and make a video of it.

Upside Downtown Riverside from EP5 Productions on Vimeo.

As I have lived here almost all of my life, I really enjoyed it. There are some views of the new Station #1 as well as Mt. Rubidoux park, the tinderbox that the city launches fireworks off of every Fourth of July. The City manager was so impressed, he wants Eric to make one showing views of all of the neighborhoods in the city. Though that is quite an undertaking, it will be something to see.

Eric did a great job with this, not only the drone work, but the editing as well. I hope that you like it as much as I did.

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  1. This is far and away over-the-top wicked cool. That drone and camera combination is right at the top of my Christmas list.

    Thanks for the post, Schmoe.

  2. It would be mine too, except that I don't need another expensive hobby!

    Thanks for the comment