Thursday, July 21, 2011


I get so much more work done after 2000. The crew usually starts to settle down, visitors leave and the phone stops ringing. As I work in a mainly industrial/commercial area, the population drops. The people who do live in my district require significant income to do so, most have employment and require slumber during the nighttime hours - thus our nights are usually pretty slow.

Often, it's just me and Coast to Coast AM on the radio while I catch up on paperwork, edit work pics and take care of a lot of the other stuff that I don't get done during normal business hours. Some of my bosses past would say that it is poor time management, others would say that I'm just doing the best with what I've been given. Either way, it is what it is and it isn't going to change over the next 14 shifts.

I find it easier to multi-task during this time of night. I can download files on the work computer, and while I am waiting, I can spin around and blog on my laptop. (if the net connection is up). As you may have guessed, I am doing that now.

Of course, the district radio is on, five crews on my net are out. One is on a routine medical aid, one is on a ringing alarm and three are on a hell of a mess that is going down on a highway. Several ambulances, a rescue and CPR are involved. Better them than me (selfish I know), death on the highway is something that I won't miss.

My log is up to date, the inspection reports are entered and checked. The training records are done and my in-box is almost empty. I should be able to get up at 0530 and wash my jeep before heading for home. It's 0105 and I really should pack it in.

I was hoping for some good action shots to post, but things have been slow near where I have been. Maybe tomorrow.

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