Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Apparently, It wasn't enough!

My last post started out with an apology, one for trivializing the recent earthquake that occurred a few weeks ago in the state of Virginia. Although sincere, it appears that the apology was not enough. Don't ask me how, but my readers from Virginia somehow conspired and sent me a little reminder of how disconcerting ground movement can be.

Without providing too much information, let me just say that when this one struck, I was in a somewhat compromising position. One that occurs on a regular basis for most of us, one that for me, usually includes a session with my favorite kokuro puzzle book, a cup of coffee and my jeans around my ankles.

The jolt was short and very sharp. For the uninitiated, every earthquake around here is analyzed by most of us. After the initial movement is felt, the next few seconds is used to determine whether this is going to evolve into something larger and whether a reaction is in order. None of us "temblor veteranos" wants to be viewed as a sissy by screaming or running amok without good reason. Nor do any of us want to be seen tripping over our un-donned trousers and face planting onto the front lawn.

I quickly determined that this quake was very minor, but that it's epicenter was very close. As an EMS professional, (emergency moronic seismologist) I figured that the magnitude was mid-threes and located within 5 miles of my location. I calmly finished my business, though I could feel the effects of adrenaline for quite some time.

There is a reason that I went into the fire service and not into seismology. The local seismologists are brilliant, I am, well, a firefighter. I was way off on both of my estimations. It was a 4.2 and was centered 23.48 miles away.

After washing my hands, I flipped on a radio and heard the F.D. going through the post earthquake response procedures and smiled. Totally not required, however a good time to employ the response. Practice how you play!

Though I managed to maintain some form of dignity, this little shake was a reminder of how unsettling earthquakes can be, even to us who experience them all of the time.

Again, apologies to you Virginians, I didn't mean to trivialize your recent event. One question remains however. How on earth did you arrange this event?

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