Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Endless Summer

My brothers and sisters in Texas are getting their butts handed to them once again. A drought that won't end, extremely adverse weather conditions and heavy fuels have created an endless fire season. A record 3.5 million acres have burned since last November, an area slightly larger than that of Connecticut.

The Atlantic has compiled some of the best images from the unfolding disasters in Texas and has posted them here as part if their "In Focus" photo blog. They give a great representation of what is happening down there and are worth a look.

This video was posted by the Associated Press, though it looks like it was shot by the Texas Dept. of Parks and Wildlife.

It gives you an idea how fast a wind-driven fire can move. As you can see, you wouldn't want to be in front of it trying to get out of the way. Add some slope, a bunch of tools and safety gear and you can see why having escape routes, safety zones and trigger points lined up ahead of time are so important. I would hate to figure all of that stuff out with the dragon breathing up your backside.

For those of us in my neck of the woods, the peak of fire season usually hits during the end of September, October and early November - though we get major wildfires throughout the year. For us it's a matter of chance. What is going to come first - the devil winds or the rain.

Be safe my brothers and sisters in Texas.

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