Thursday, September 22, 2011

"It's Just A Freaken' Game" - Bryan Stow Update

The baseball season is winding down, so has the uproar over the beating of Bryan Stow, an AMR paramedic up in the San Fransisco Bay area. Bryan, as you may remember, was attending the baseball season opener down at Dodger Stadium as the Dodgers took on the San Fransisco Giants. He made the mistake of wearing his Giants jersey to Dodger Stadium and of assuming that all Dodger fans are civilized human beings. He paid for his error in judgment by being beaten nearly to death. Bryan suffered tremendous brain damage in the assault and has been in a comatose state since April. Though some improvement has been observed, the overall outlook was still not good for a significant recovery. The injury was just too severe. I originally posted on it back in April, the original post CAN BE FOUND HERE.

After the initial uproar died down, updates occasionally showed up in the media. Unfortunately, there was little good news to report. After a while, the reports stopped showing up and other news took over the headlines.

I happened to be listening to a local radio station today, to a show that has actually kept up on Bryan's condition.
They were interviewing Bryan's sister, who had just left the facility where Bryan is receiving re-hab. Apparently, Bryan has just started to speak, is answering a few questions and asked to see his kids. Although he has not truly regained consciousness, he is in what is referred to as a "waxing and waning state of consciousness". The family is ecstatic, and is hopeful that he continues to improve.

Although his status is not as good as most would like, the family is extremely grateful that Bryan has improved as much as he has. His improvement has provided hope, something that many in Bryan's situation do not have. Every bit of improvement is a blessing and provides further hope. I hope that Bryan continues to improve, our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.


On a side note, Bryan's family has filed a lawsuit on his behalf against the Dodgers and the myriad of other companies that make up the Dodger organization. Although I am not usually a fan of litigation of this type, I fell that this suit may be justified.

The Dodger organization has known for a long time that their fan base could be problematic, yet did nothing to remedy the situation. It has been reported that security was reduced prior to Bryan's beating. It has been greatly increased since.

Attendance has been way down this year, the Dodgers would like to blame it on team owner Frank and Jamie McCourt's divirce, the economy and their losing season. Funny, the thug mentality that prevails in the stands is rarely  mentioned. I think people are just tired of the crap in the stands.

I know I won't go and see the Cubs when they come to town, I'd rather drive down to San Diego or to Arizona. Pity, that.

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  1. Thanks so much, Capt. Schmoe, for the update. While, like anyone I would like to see Mr. Stow make a full recovery, I am happy that he can breathe on his own and take nourishment without controversy. I have done enough rehab nursing to know what a long road his family has already walked, and how far they have to go yet.

    Yes, sue the Dodgers. I like you am not one in favor of law suits, but McCourt needs to be held accountable. His penny pinching put all attending at risk. Ironically, this incident probably made going to the ball park safer for all.

    The Observer

  2. Here's to hoping Bryan makes a full recovery.

    And that those Dodgers get their act together. (Keep in mind this is coming from a kid who doesn't watch sports.)