Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Might be the Last Time

If everything goes to plan and things don't get horribly delayed, this might be the last time that this floor gets stripped and waxed.

I'm not saying that the floor won't get mopped or even waxed, it's just that this is likely the last time this floor will be stripped to the tiles and new wax put on.

The station is being prepped for the annual inspection which occurs every January. As the new crib is scheduled to be completed this fall, this floor should be a scant memory by the time next January rolls around. The floors in the new station are reported to be finished concrete, I don't know what maintenance they will require.

I do know that I have been assigned to stations with old school tile as pictured above, no wax tile, no wax vinyl flooring, linoleum and ceramic floor tile. All have required some form of "special" maintenance on a semi regular basis. Hopefully the finished concrete floor will have minimal maintenance requirements, I believe that was the purpose for selecting those floors.

I spent more than a few years at this station, as a firefighter and as a captain. The area covered in tile has shrunk considerably over the years, the kitchen and heads are all that are left covered in tile. One hallway has vinyl flooring - a remnant of when the downstairs was reconfigured from offices into a video studio. A hodge-podge of carpet covers the rest of the place, some of it needing replacement. As the building should be vacant within a year, I doubt any of it will be replaced anytime soon.

The annual inspection also covers apparatus and equipment. Although the crews won't have to work too hard on the station next year, the apparatus will be the same and will require the same effort to get squared away. With a Type 1 and a Type 3 engine, a truck co, a squad, a BC's wagon plus a spare and a utility truck, the apparatus alone takes a while to detail out for the inspection.

Most crews do a good job keeping up on things - at a place like the Big House, things can get away from you if you don't.

I'm sure a little slack will be given, as the chiefs know that the new place will be open and money hasn't been spent on the old house. They still want to see some effort though, it's stations that have not expended any effort for the inspection that have gotten beat up over it. Frankly, they had it coming.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Though annual inspections are a pain in the ass, they are necessary. They show everyone involved that everybody still cares.

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