Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Out With The Old...

...In with the new.

Work on the new "Big House" progresses. I was able to spend an hour or so there yesterday, of course I had my camera. After spending more than a few years at the existing station, there is part of me that will miss the place, despite my knowing that the building is in dire need of replacement.

It is my understanding that the new station is a few weeks behind schedule, a situation caused by external influences beyond the department's control. It's a shame, as there have been very few delays caused by weather - it would have been nice to get this wrapped up a little early.

They are finishing up the steel framing, exterior coverings come next.

Anybody wanna guess what this architectural feature is? I'll give you a few hints, it has both aesthetic and functional purposes. The outcropping will be sheathed in glass and lit from within. When in use, the activity within will be visible to the public and will likely be well recieved. I can't wait to use it, though my getting to do so will require permission.

This is a three story station. The app floor, equipment storage, a reception area and a small museum will be located on the first floor. Living quarters will be on the second floor and department administrative offices will be on the third.

If I was the chief, my office would be a glass penthouse on the roof and I would make someone from the other battalion come down and wash the windows every Sunday, right after breakfast.

I am quite sure the chief will have a good view from his office on the third floor, besides I don't think the people in the new building across the street would like looking down into my glass walled office. It's probably a good thing that I never made chief.

I also think that the "feel" of the new place will be entirely different from the old. This building feels to me more like an office building, rather than a comfortable firehouse. Interior accents and furnishings will hopefully temper that, but I am sure there will be a reluctance to "customize" the brand new station. 

Though the old place will be missed, all of the inadequacies will not be. People will love the new house and become acclimated to their new environs. They might even get used to having administration right upstairs.

It's funny, way back before my time, administration was located in the existing "big house". They moved out a few years before I came on and moved into city hall. They have moved three times since, I know they are ecstatic about moving into the new house.

What was old has become new again.

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  1. Looks like a cool building. My warped mind is thinking hope they didn't forget to put the restrooms in.

  2. A three story, glass enclosed pole.....


    Heck, charge three bucks a slide and they can pay off the construction bill in a long weekend.


  3. My guess: Sliding down a pole, yahoo!!!!! If I am right, bet you are itching to try that one out.

  4. BG and Lisa - that's exactly what it is. There will be two poles in the station, both three story. The one in the front of the station (the one pictured) will be enclosed in glass and will be visible from the street. Three story - Yee Haaw.

    Thanks for the comments.