Friday, March 9, 2012

Down The Hall

Along with St. Patty's day, Easter and the Fire / EMS Blog of the Year contest, it's time for me to archive and double back-up images for the past year.

Among the many, I found this one, taken fairly recently, pf one of our engine crews advancing a pre-connect up a hallway.

It was taken at a multi-day training burn. The glow from the fire can be seen in the background, it looks like they went in 4-0, with two boots, the captain and The Evil Medic bringing up the rear.

Note: if you ever meet me and think I might be missing a few brain cells, blame The Evil Medic!

In my mind, advancing a line up a hallway is the core of  residential interior attack. With a rear bedroom involved and smoke pouring out over your head, there is nothing like humping hose down the hall, making the turn and putting some GPM on the seat of the fire and knocking it down.

Even better is when the truckies have done their job and have made it tenable and visible. Sometimes, the truck arrives a little later and the above task is done "in the dark". Though fun, I much prefer the ability to see, at least for a few feet.

For this photo, the training guys were kind enough to poke a hole in an exterior wall, allowing me the ability to get the shot without needing PPE. Though visibility is good, you can see where the smoke is fairly low up by the nozzle. That is by design, the guys that do these burns are masters of their craft.

I'm off to do a shoot with/for the  department chaplain, a former captain with our agency. More on that later.

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