Monday, March 5, 2012

Not Dead (not even sick)

It's been a week. That is the longest that I have gone without a post in the two plus years that I have been writing this blog.

I wish I could say that FEMA requested my services and that I have been helping people in the mid-west with the tornado damage. Or, I wish I could say that I have been on assignment with National Geographic shooting the volcano in Hawaii as it's glowing lava stream devours more acreage and homes.

Both would be lies. The reality is that I have been slightly busy ( no excuse) and that I have merely been a turd, being consumed by flies, laying around in the yard decomposing in the elements. Fortunately, enough time has gone by that I no longer smell and will instantly turn to dust should someone step on me.

Bear with me, don't give up - I still have stuff to share. I just have to get through these turd phases once in a while.

Thanks for reading,

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