Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fire/EMS Blog of the Year

The green bowler hats are on the shelves as are the chocolate bunnies and brightly colored baskets. The training division is starting to schedule the annual wildland multi-company drill. That can mean only one thing, it's time for the annual Fire-EMS blog of the year contest.

They have made a few changes this year, adding a judges choice award and a readers choice award in both the Fire and EMS categories. If they ever have a "Doesn't Stink Too Bad" award, I might have a chance!

I am a little late with this, but nominations need to be in by March 10th, the nomination form and instructions CAN BE FOUND HERE.

The event is sponsored by the American Military Institute  and is hosted by,, and The Fire Critic (

 If you have a favorite among the Fire and EMS Blogs out there, be sure to take a minute and nominate it. Then, next week when the finalists are announced, be sure to go back and vote  for your favorite. There are some cool prizes that your favorite blogger can win!


In a totally unrelated matter, just a quick note to the young person from Premier Medical Transport who I spotted in line at the grocery store today.

If you are going to stop by and pick up some Bicardi and coke on the way home from work, take your uniform jacket and/or shirt off first. Better yet, keep a old hoodie or something in your car to put on over your uniform. It just doesn't look good to be buying booze in uniform, especially when you are buying a half gallon. Plus, you can use it to cover up if you are meeting up with some pals and don't have time to go home and change first.

You had the look of someone who might be trying to get on the job somewhere or maybe trying to get into medic school. There are just too many of us old bastards around who might remember you when sitting on an interview panel. C'mon kid, use your head.

Thanks for reading,

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