Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Damn Nice Day

It was so nice today. The phone only rang twice, neither one was a robo-caller telling me how to vote.  For the first time in weeks months my mailbox wasn't stuffed with glossy print ads espousing one candidate, ballot initiative or another. Many of my friends are disappointed, and a few are happy.

Me I'm disappointed, but not enough to slash my wrists or sell my Occidental Petroleum stock. I do think that it's put up or shut up time, the same would have been true if the republicans had won.

Last night, I was dining with a group of friends, all of whom are very conservative, a few severely so. The returns were on the bar TV and we were watching when it was announced that Pres. Obama had been reelected. The disdain was evident and the comments started flying. Eric, held up his glass and said "This is to Mike, he would have been happy". We all raised our glasses to Mike.

Mike was the only openly liberal member of this group, one that had taken a few good natured jabs about it over the years. Mike passed away a few weeks ago, I'm sure he would have been happy that the incumbent won. I also think he might have enjoyed firing a few jabs back at his friends about his victory as well.

I'm just glad it's over, though I know both parties are already gearing up for the mid-terms and even for the 2016 elections. At least for a while they will keep the process to themselves.


I spent the day loading up the trailer, truck and jeep as we are headed out for a few days. We are headed for Darwin (not the Darwin that you are thinking of) where we will spend the next four days jeeping and socializing with the group of friends that we dined with last night.

Darwin is an old mining town, nearly dead and not getting any better. Around 50-60 people live there, many retired or disabled none getting rich by living there. There is no commerce in Darwin, no business, no cel-service or sewers. The only occupied non-residential building in Darwin is the post office, which is open for a couple of hours a day. The USPS wants to shut it down and the residents are pissed about it. They would have to drive forty miles or so to get their mail.

There is no gas, no ice or no available water so we have to pack all that stuff in when we go. The jeeping will be great, though the temperature is only supposed to be in the '40s on Fri and Sat. For us, that is cold. I'm glad we have a jeep rather than a side by side.

I'm really looking forward to taking some pictures, we will surely find some interesting subjects. Who knows, I may have to get all artsy-fartsy and photo something that I never have shot before.

Regardless, we will have a great time. We won't get back till Monday or Tuesday, I'll let you know how it went then.

Hope you have a great weekend, thanks for reading,



  1. Safe travels, Schmoe. Looking forward to the pictures.

  2. Darwin sounds like a cool spot. Have fun, and keep the shiny side up. :)

    In a few years, maybe I'll be able to do something with the "jeep garden" behind my garage. I have a '48 or '49 Willys, a '51 Willys, a rolling, rust-free chassis for another '51 or so, and a mid-80's CJ. My dream is to restore the '49, and use the '51 and the '86 for parts to make a nice driver out of the rolling Willys chassis, using the 6-cyl motor and 4-speed tranny from the '86. As I say, it's a dream.

  3. Joe - Thanks, we did have a safe trip. The next several posts will focus on the trip, the first of which is already up.

    NYEMT - Dreams are good, many are projects which can be undertaken one small bite at a time. I too would like to get an older jeep going, but I'm afraid that I've gotten too used to the A/C, coil springs and satellite radio that the LJ provides. Good luck on yours.

    Thanks for the comments.