Friday, November 2, 2012

Dear Mayor Bloomberg... pompous elitist. It has come to my attention that the Super PAC you created and likely control, Independence USA, has just spent $2.3 MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS on T.V. advertising to influence a congressional election in a neighboring district.This is on top of the approx. $365,000 that your PAC spent on direct mailings for the same race.

While I acknowledge your right to express your opinion and to support political candidates that might further your personal agenda, I resent your attempt to influence who represents Southern California in the U.S. House of Representatives. You see Mr. Bloomberg, we live in the Inland Empire, which I am sure you are aware is just about as far as you can get from New York City, without getting on an airplane or a boat and still staying within the U.S. Our congressman should represent us and our interests, not you.

I'm just guessin' that the donations which made the PAC's purchase possible occurred very late in the election cycle. If true, Independence USA will not have to disclose the source of their funding until after the election. I am quite sure that is by design. As the amount of money you are throwing around is quite large, I am also confident that you and maybe a few other multi-bajillionares  are the main funding sources for the PAC. So much for transparency.

And people are upset that unions donate money to candidates.

I am told that the main reason for your interference in our congressional race is your personal opposition to the private ownership and use of firearms. Again, as misguided as your personal  beliefs are, you have a right to them. However, your actions prove to me that as you have a nearly unlimited supply of money you feel that you should make the rules, screw everybody else.

Due to our states quirky election laws, both of the viable candidates in the 35th are members of the Democratic Party. Gun control appears to be the main issue separating the two candidates, you have chosen to support the candidate who favors more restrictions on my right to defend myself than the other. Why else would you support a candidate from a district all the way across the country?

Should you ever want to discuss this important issue or discuss your motivation to why you want to buy our election, please feel free to drop by. You can contact me through this BLOG. While I can pretty much guarantee you won't change my mind, or I yours, I can definitely guarantee that you will get a good meal out of the deal, civil conversation and a good brew or two. Who knows, I may even break out the good Canadian Whiskey.

Then, we could really talk.

Tepid regards,



Sorry for the rant, but I am fired up. when I first saw the TV ads, I wondered why so much money was being spent on the LA TV market when the 35th CA Congressional district only covers part of the Inland Empire and the Pomona Valley. Now I know - they had it to spend.

Thanks for enduring,



  1. Well said, Capt. Mayor Bloomberg has a frightful history of meddling in the business of other states in 2nd amendment matters, and not just in elections.

  2. Wayne - Frightful indeed. Arrogant, cheeky and rich. What a horrid combination for the rest of us to deal with. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Capt,

    Bloomberg is not only meddling in "foreign" affairs, but has now shown to be completely clueless and callous in his own city. I don't know how much of the story you've followed regarding the 2012 ING New York City Marathon- Bloomberg had the audacity to say that the race would not take away from relief efforts; meanwhile, FDNY, EMS, Hospitals, NYPD and the general infrastructure of Long Island, Lower Manhattan, Staten Island (which has sustained even worse damage than the Jersey Shore, where I am located) and even midtown is completely overwhelmed to the point of failure. Bloomberg thought it a good idea to say that having a race through all five boroughs, requiring a massive amount of support from EMS and FDNY/NYPD, wouldn't take away from the relief efforts?? Really? If he can't even manage his own city, what in God's name makes him think he's well-suited to interfere in California politics? Ok, enough soapbox. I just wanted to say, we feel your pain. This idiot mayor has got to go!
    Stay safe.

  4. Lunchbox - I'm just glad he doesn't live any closer to us! He strikes me as one of those guys who has gobs of money which he uses to buy power. While there is a place for his personality type in our society, a little goes a long way.

    One can't help if there is a run for higher office. God help us.

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. If you are going to say someone is misguided, you might not want to trot out home defense to support your side of the argument. A well secured weapon is not much use in home defense as it's got a trigger lock or is in a gun safe. An unsecured weapon is far more likely to be used in the heat of the moment (e.g. domestic violence) than in home defense.

    (Don't take any of this as arguing for gun control. My position is that adults have certain rights and should be held accountable if they misuse them. Misuse of rights it's not a reason to take them away from everyone. But let's not pretend that guns (particularly with the weird cultural quirks of the US) are actually reducing violence or protecting people. That simply isn't true.)

  6. Actually, I feel quite confident in trotting out home defense to support my side of the argument. The storage and use of a firearm, like any other matter is one of practicality and adaptability. As a former firearm carrying investigator, I feel very comfortable securing my weapons in a manner which are secure and reasonably accessible.

    Furthermore, the statistics used by the other side are quite often flawed, as different criteria is used to produce the results they desire. The successful use of firearms in defense is often underreported.

    This post wasn't about gun control, it was about a elitist pompous ass dropping nearly three million dollars on a congressional race in a district all the way across the country. TV ads making unprovable charges out of partial truths. What an ass he is.

    Thanks for the comment.

  7. Yes, I'm sure you feel comfortable. And I bet that comfort is justified. The problem is that gun control law doen't live in a world of anecdotes about responsible gun owners like you. It lives in the real world where the statistics aren't flawed so much as they have to deal with the reality that a huge percentage of the people buying weapons aren't as trained nor responsible as you.

    I know your post wasn't about gun control. That's kind of why I submitted my comment. Bringing gun control into the mix, particularly with the (I assert) flawed argument, was a distraction.

    We fully agree that the way money is being tossed around lately is not helping things, but where's the fun in talking about the fact that we agree on the central point of your missive. :-)