Monday, April 15, 2013

International or Domestic?

I'm guessin' domestic, again just a guess. Frankly I'm surprised it's taken this long for something like the Boston event to occur. More on this later.



  1. From the video I saw, definitely amateur. Lots of Smoke, most of the force directed up it looked like.

  2. Schmoe, I have the same intuition as you - I'm curious as to your reasons for thinking it's domestic.

  3. Brigid - I would have thought the fatality count would have been higher had the planning and execution been better. I also was curious at the number and severity of lower extremity injuries. There are some nasty images out there, most that I saw were of mangled legs. Not quantitative of course, but still...

    Ed - Numbers would say a greater likelihood of domestic terrorism as opposed to international. Though until a motive is established, we cant really be sure it's an act of terrorism. (though highly likely) Like you, intuition and like Brigid (a highly trained observer)it seemed to me to be a little amateurish.

    Again, just a guess. The investigation will be extensive and thorough, the multiple crime scenes are quite large and processing them will be a tremendous endeavor. Detail and accuracy is critical in order to prove armchair investigators like me right...or wrong.

    Thanks for the comments.