Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Loadmasters, Freight Dawgs, Ramp Agents, Material Loaders - Probably The Most Horrific Video You Will Ever See

It sent a chill down my spine and I am not in the career field listed in the title, though I do occasionally get to fly in cargo aircraft with heavy stuff tied down in the back during high angle departures.

A Boeing 747 departing Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. A civilian aircraft under contract to the US Military, transporting military vehicles. Although no one yet knows for sure what caused the accident, the video and eyewitness accounts are leading many who know to speculate that either the aircraft was improperly loaded with an aft center of gravity, or that the cargo shifted during the climb-out and moved the center of gravity too far to the rear.

Regardless, at least eight people lost their lives.

In this era of everything monitored by video and everyone carrying around a smart phone, it was inevitable that the event was captured on camera.  Chilling to say the least, yet I had to watch it several times. You would think that I have seen enough crap like that over my lifetime, yet here we are.

I guess that it proves that I, like every other Schmoe I know, am human and find stuff like this fascinating. What kind of ghoul does that make me?

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