Monday, April 15, 2013

It Pays to Be Fast

I stopped by station two to drop off some photos.

"Anybody hear from Brian?" I asked.

Brian is in Boston today, having run in the Boston marathon. His wife, who also is my dental hygienist, is with him. Their kids had stayed with friends while they are away.

"They're ok" someone said. "He texted so and so and said that he had finished twenty minutes or so before the blast and had left the area".

Frankly, I was relieved. I don't know Brian well, he came on right as I retired. I probably have spoken with his wife more than I have with him. She spends considerable working on my grill every six months and chastising me on my poor flossing skills. You may have seen his photo here, I snapped it during one of his probation tests.

I know there was a bajillion runners in the marathon, and twenty minutes is a long time when it comes to things like this, still it brings it all a little closer to home.

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