Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Easy Way Out

The easy way out would have been for me to just post on as if I hadn't taken a few weeks off from blogging. Start up again with somebody else's video (horrifying/captivating as it might have been) and just keep on going. I think you deserve better.

Although I really have no excuses, I do feel that some catching up is in order. Although I have been somewhat busy, compared to many of you, not so much.  I have been taking a lot of photos, for many different purposes. I managed to get a couple of camping trips in and even received an award from the city. It has been a fruitful couple of weeks.


As I write this, I am watching Riverside County Fire (RVC) on TV, working a vegetation fire just north of the City of Banning. I am also listening to the SCANNER FEED  , command net and air to ground net. It is called the Summit Incident and right now, the dragon is definitely holding it's own. The IC just called for 25 engines, any type, any configuration, for an immediate need structure protection. That is in addition to the 25+ already there or en-route, including 2 from my agency (RIV). 

I started my career in Banning 31 years ago and am familiar with the area. This could get uglier before it gets better.


I've shot several events over the past month or so.

We had a promotion and award ceremony. It was a lot of fun seeing some of my friends make chief and others up through the ranks.

Its also kind of cool to see how this event has evolved into more of a family oriented event.

As usual, the event was supported by our Honor Guard and by our Pipe and Drum band, one that is actually part of the UCR pipe band and that we help support.

I also shot our annual retirement dinner, again a fun event. It is a little more bittersweet, some of the retirees were ready to go, others not so much.


The command net on the Summit Incident is stating that a firefighter has suffered minor burns on the fire and will require transport. Thankfully the injuries appear minor, hopefully that will be it. At least one structure has been lost, the IC is stating another period of structure threat will exist in another 20 minutes or so. 1500 Acres have burned, no containment as of yet.

Sheesh - it's only May!!!!


A political campaign, camping and a few incidents have taken up some time, photos will follow. I've bored you enough as it is.

Thanks for hanging in there.



  1. Nice to see you back in action.

  2. Thanks Mad Jack, I hope to get back in the groove.