Thursday, May 2, 2013

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Another activity over the past few weeks was a camping trip with some friends. As this was more of a "social" trip, five couples drug out their various camping vehicles and headed to a local lake. The venue wasn't particularly beautiful, so not many photos were taken.

Again, this was a social trip so all we did was hang around the campground and socialize. That was great fun. I did manage to shoot some pics of our friends. The pics below are of  a friends of ours who I managed to capture in a rather animated state.  Of course, as he and I were both in a rather animated state, the shots could have been better. Regardless, I was happy that anything turned out at all. The camera was positioned on my knee, I was trying really hard to keep my motion at a minimum.

He is a pretty expressive guy and he uses his hands quite a bit while conversing. It makes for great images.

I told him when I took the photos, that the pics were the shots of the week and that I was going to put them on the web. I don't think he believed me, he doesn't know that I am a man of my word. As I struggle with photographing people, this was actually kind of fun.


The fire I told you about yesterday, the Summit incident, laid down pretty good and is 40% contained. It sounds like forward spread has pretty much been stopped with 3000 acres having been burned.

Of course with the Santa Anas blowing, other fires have erupted and are giving firefighters fits.

The Spring Fire near Camarillo started this morning and has burned 1000 acres. I am watching it live and it is moving out. The smoke is obscuring shots of the head (from the news helicopter) but the flanks are tanking out some acreage and a multitude of RVs at a RV storage site. Yee Haw.

The Van Buren fire is about 5 miles from my place and has reportedly burned several structures. It is a county fire (RVC) but I know that we sent three engines on a mutual aid request. As it is not in my agency and it is surely chaotic, I won"t be going unless I can shoot it from our side of the river.

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