Sunday, May 12, 2013

Even I could Have Figgered This One Out!

I first saw this on The Bayou Renaissance Man. I found it somewhat humorous, it exemplifies why guys like me had careers. Although there is a chance it might be staged, it also shows how sometimes things get out of hand and that the road from humor to disaster can be a short one.

If it wasn't staged, (I have my doubts, but I'm kinda leanin' toward not staged) these guys are pretty lucky that things didn't get any worse. I can imagine that if the building had gone up, the investigator would have had a little puzzlement until the interviews would have been completed.  The video would have been the clincher, provided someone would have grabbed the camera on the way out the door.

I've had a few fires like this, ones caused by less than brilliant behavior. When determining cause, certain evidence was just not making any sense until the interview made the unbelievable believable in an unbelievable sort of way.

A dirt bike stored vertically (upright with it's front wheel in the air, it's rear wheel on the floor) in an enclosed water heater cabinet comes to mind. Things were cool until leaking fuel was ignited by the water heater. Fortunately, the sprinklers out it out, but I couldn't figure out why there was a slightly damaged dirt bike twenty feet away from the activated sprinkler head. The interview with the tweaker occupant set the details straight. There is no cure for stupid, meth definitely doesn't help!

Even if this was staged, it really wasn't a display of superior intellect. Open flame, fire works and some sort of flammable gel/liquid combined with a video camera doesn't indicate future leadership potential. Well, except maybe for a captain's position on "C" shift.

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