Friday, May 3, 2013

I Took His Picture...

and he took mine.

 His image showed up here

And mine on the paper's on-line edition. Go figure. At least I don't have to buy ice cream for that kind of stuff any more.


Yesterday, I commented on the Springs Fire, a wildfire that had started in Camarillo California. Pushed by a Sana Ana wind and accompanied by a relative humidity of 4%, it had burned 10,000 acres as of 0600 this morning. Engines from all over So Cal are there, it's still moving and has basically burned to the big blue fire break in the west 

That is truly impressive, 10K in one day, especially as it is only May. Wait til September.


I finally jumped yesterday and bought a new camera. I have been eyeballing the recently released Canon 5D MkIII for some time. I came into a little cash and decided to go ahead and get it. It is far superior to my 7D ( a great camera in it's own right), though It operates a little different and will take a little time to get used to. I have to stop and think about what I am doing with it, I want it to become instinctual.

I plan on keeping the 7D and keeping the long lens on it,  while using the wide angle zoom on the new body. Having two cameras set up while shooting on incidents will be a great thing, though again, it has a learning curve.

The Saint I Am Married to are headed out for a little weekend get-away, I am taking the new camera to document the event. It's our 30th anniversary and I can't believe she has tolerated my sorry ass for so long. It ain't easy being married to me, she is likely the only woman up to the task.

Have a great weekend, I am planning to.

Thanks for reading,


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