Monday, May 20, 2013

More on Moore OK

I've been listening to the news radio stations as I was driving around, taking care of business. The devastation in Moore appears to be as bad as I feared, the current number of fatalities is at 51. I fear that it will climb higher, maybe much more so.

Not only does that debris in Moore need to be combed through in the search for victims, nut the rural areas that were wiped off of the map as well. Just that there is any number available this early in the game is interesting, it appears that whoever is in charge has a fairly good grasp on the scope of the disaster.

It is incidents like these where our investment in the disaster geeks pay off. Those of us in operations tend to look at disaster preparation with mild disinterest, until of course, fate sends a bona-freakin-fide disaster up our pipe and the world comes down around our ears.

Then, the CERT program suddenly seems like a good idea and you're kinda of glad the city dumped all of that money into an EOC. The ICS training that the city administrators received suddenly seems worthwhile as well.

Image kyped from the web-RRM Design Group
Funny how that stuff works out sometimes.

Hang tough Sooners.


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