Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday To Me

Four years ago yesterday, I hit the publish button on my computer screen and Report on Conditions was hatched. I had almost forgotten the anniversary date, but was reminded of it when I read Brigid's blog, Home On The Range.  Her blog and mine share the same anniversary, though she has been at it a year longer than I.

Like life itself, the experience has been paradoxical.  In some ways, it seems like it began yesterday, in others it seems like a million years ago. It was incredibly easy to start and at times, it is incredibly hard to keep going. I started it for one reason, I keep at it for another. My material was initially of one subject area and has shifted a bit to another. What started as primarily a writing exercise has evolved into a photographic project. Odd.

 I never had even read a blog until my friend Eric started his. Eric was my friend and co-worker who was battling cancer. He started his blog to document his battles and share his thoughts and impressions as he waged war with the disease that eventually cost him his life. Needless to say, those were emoptionally trying times. Though my need for confidentiality prevented me from factually writing about it, I was able to use this forum to vent, share and express vague impressions about the times and of other emotionally trying events.

I have met some interesting people through the blog, both in person and on-line. I have read some great blogs, though many seem to have moved on to other things.

Probably the biggest impact on me, has been my renewed interest in photography. After the first few posts, I realized that some visual aids were necessary to keep the blog somewhat interesting. I also realized that my five year old point and shoot wasn't going to cut it for me, so I spent a couple of bills and bought a Canon SX-100 IS. A bajillion dollars, two bodies, five lenses, two flash units and a series of classes later, I am still in pursuit of the elusive perfect image. Though some progress has been made, I don't think there is enough time left before planetary destruction for me to get where I need to be.

For those of you who continue to drop by, I appreciate your loyalty. I plan to keep posting stuff as long as I feel that some level of quality remains. For those who come here and have blogs of your own, I thank you for your efforts, I know what it's like. You are an inspiration to me.

Again, thanks for your support,



  1. Schmoe, happy anniversary. I started reading because I enjoyed your tales riding THE SEAT. I now stick around for your photos, especially the wildland stuff that's a mystery to an East Coaster like me. Keep up the good work!

  2. Congratulations on the important milestone! The photos indeed tell their own stories and yours most certainly do.

    Here's to more years.

  3. Joe - Trust me, there are aspects of the wildland stuff that are still a bit of a mystery to me. Be patient, the way things are shaping up, there may be plenty of wildland stuff before the season is over. Thanks for your help.

    Brigid - Thanks for the kind words. It would appear that we have yet something else in common, with the same birthdays and all. Thanks for the reminder and for your support!

  4. Capt. Schmoe,
    Congratulations on the anniversary, I hope you continue to share your stories and your photography with the rest of us. As a hobby photographer interested in aviation, I can certainly relate to a little bit of passion, and a little bit of craziness that we all have!
    YYC Dispatcher

  5. Happy Birthday Brother! Here's to many more...

  6. Thanks YYC - Craziness + Passion = interesting shots!

    Willie - Good to hear from ya brother, hope things are coming around.