Saturday, August 14, 2010

Are they pals?

Are they pals, or is St. Francis being held against his will?

If I was giving a ride to a saint and a deity, I probably would let them ride in the cab. The pigeon might have to ride in the back though.

Posting may be a little sparse over the next week or so, #2 son and I are headed up to the Sierra Nevada mountains for a little R&R. There is no phone or internet service where we are going, so a few canned posts and a guest post or two from my brother Morris will have to do. I may be able to sneak into town a few times and toss a picture or two your way.

I am not sure having Morris guest post is such a great idea, he is a little less cultured than I and is known to be slightly crass. I am going to apologize in advance, I know he will offend someone.

Have a great weekend, thanks for reading.


  1. Awww have a good time on R&R don't worry about us we'll survive!!!


    ... well we'll maybe survive if Morris is in charge.... (kidding!)

  2. I know your gonna have fun!! Enjoy your well deserved time off and your son. I'm slightly jealous!

    And Bring Morris on!!!!

  3. A Buddhist, a Catholic, and a redneck get into a truck.... Have fun on your trip.