Monday, August 2, 2010

Peace to you... brother in green.

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I stopped in the mountains the other day to grab a bite to eat and play with the long lens on my new camera. I was trying to catch motorcycles as they came down the hill and didn't notice this Forest Service engine pass me on it's way up the hill. I took a couple of shots and didn't look at them until this morning. It was then that I noticed the passenger was giving me the peace sign.

The gestures that I usually receive from passing vehicles involve a single extended digit, so this was a welcome surprise.

So peace to you my brother in green. This looks like it may be a busy season later on, so remember your tens and eighteens and have a great season.

Thanks for reading,


  1. This made me smile first thing on a Monday morning Capt. Well done. =)

  2. Dear Captain,
    I'm so glad you're getting some time with the new camera

    and that is a cool thing your profession has going for it. I realize it doesn't hit quite the automatic, which makes it more special when it happens.

    peace to you from a non-green non-sister,
    Ann T.