Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Irrigation supplies - $160

Two four hours of labor by a four person engine company - $440

Eight gallons of diesel fuel - $26

Look on the clerks face at Lowe's when the muddied fire captain walks through the door for the fifth time in two hours - Priceless.


What should have been a two hour job, (max) was stretched into a four hour ordeal by me screwing up each time we went to Lowe's.

  1. First trip - purchased supplies
  2. Second trip - purchased item that I forgot on trip #1
  3. Third Trip - Exchanged two items from trip #1 that had been placed into the wrong bin. I violated my own rule of looking at each item pulled from the bin to ensure that it was the correct item. My bad.
  4. Fourth trip - purchased two additional items when it became apparent that the original plan was not going to work. These items worked well.
  5. Fifth trip - Purchased an adapter to connect the size pipe the plans SAID it was to the size pipe it ACTUALLY was. A difference of 1/4" inch diameter. Shame on me, I should have dug up the pipe and measured it, rather than relying on the original landscape plan.
After getting interrupted by a couple of runs, we finished this project up just a few minutes before dark. The irrigation system has been successfully modified to meet the watering requirements of the healing place. All of the above strife from a guy who holds a state landscaping license.

Pardon to our neighbors for the bad words that might have been said when the discovery of step five was made and to the clerk at Lowe's for leaving mud at her register. I'll try to do better next time.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Awwww!! LOL!! Glad you finally got the system up and running! Even if it did take 5 trips to lowes!!


  2. Hahaha! At least you did it right. I'm surprised someone at your station didn't try to jerry rig it with duct tape and bailing wire.

  3. You forgot the price of the beer you consumed to calm the nerves....

  4. Dear Captain,
    Digging out is hard to do! I admire your perseverance, which hey!!!! Counted.

    Ann T.