Friday, August 20, 2010

I heard from my loser brother

My name is Morris. My friends call me Morry, Joe calls me Moe. Joe asked me to step in a few times while he is away, like a dumbass, I agreed.

He jumped on me for not posting yet. I have no excuse, except that I it's not as important to me as it is to him.

I don't understand this whole blog thing. Joe feels a need to do it, so more power to him. For him, I don't get why he has this opportunity to shout how he feels about stuff, and he wastes it on pictures, wiener dogs and touchy feely crap. What a pussy.

He told me once that he tries to keep his blog from being political. What's up Joe? Afraid of pissing someone off?

When I told Joe that I would post a couple of times for him, I told him that I would write about what I wanted to, not what he wanted me to. He was good with that, not that he had any choice, he has no internet access where he is.

All that crap out of the way, here it is.

What in the hell were you thinking America? You elected a guy president who won't pledge to the flag, has never had a job other than as a community organizer and a politician and who attended a radical "black freedom" church for years, but can't remember anything the preacher says.

He chastised you for clinging to your religion and your guns and refused to take a clear stand on anything while campaigning.

Now, you seem surprised that he has grossly worsened the budget, passed a health care plan that will be a disaster for most concerned and doesn't have a problem with a Mosque being built next to the WTC ground zero.

What did you expect? All of you were so busy stepping all over yourselves because you had the opportunity to elect an educated, articulate black man as president, that you failed to assess the candidate on his position. (not that he would clearly state it)

Even CNN is starting to realize that we as a nation screwed up and has started to call the anointed one out. What a laugh, where were they during the election, when BHO could do no wrong?

Speaking of comedy, It's going to be a real circus to watch his reaction when Israel has enough and goes after Iran. Rhetoric isn't going to cut it when that shit happens.

Let's see if America wakes up this November and puts a stop the Obama agenda. before it's too late.

Take that Joe, I bet you don't give me the keys to the blog the next time you go on vacation!


  1. I think I love Moe's way of thinking. lmao! YAY!!!

  2. I can see why Joe doesn't get political :|

  3. LOL uh-oh staying out of this one!!!


  4. I normally avoid political debate with those who I admire, yet have significantly different views than me. ( Because I'm a pussy ). But since Morry ( ostensibly ) wrote this, I can avoid pissing off Joe and engage with Morry on the subject at hand..

    I have heard a lot of this in the news lately, and am frankly horrified by what I'm hearing.

    What exactly is the issue with having a mosque built anywhere near the WTC site?

    Does the average american actually equate Islam to terrorism or is this particular mosque a branch of a fundamentalist or extremist sect?

  5. Wow. Not a single fact. It's like watching Fox News.

  6. Moe,

    I gotta hand it to ya, you can greatly misunderstand some things, *cough* blogging *cough cough*. Yet you manage to hit the nail on the head with other things. And it was almost elequent...but will you dare to post again?


  7. Talk about kicking over a hornet's nest! First, let me say, I love your brother's posts.

    Taking your points one at a time, I think it's a little early to call how your political year has turned out. The economic problems that the USA and the rest of us have been having are long-term ones and so are the fixes. Short-term deficits related to recession-defeating spending aren't something unique to US budgets, and have met with the approval of fairly sane publications like the Financial Times (so long as they vanish as our economies turn around).

    On healthcare... well, how that whole mess of excessive spending, special interests and red-tape jungles will ever get sorted out is beyond me - you need a magician for that job (or Lee Kwan Yew - Singapore seem to the country with a highly developed economy AND low medical bills). Here in Europe, our healthcare spending is slowly taking over our bubgets, but at least my premium for a family of 4 is still only €1,700 p.a. You have my sympathies.

    On that mosque: I'm posting from Ireland, where religion, politics and violence have had some very unfortunate intersections. We've found it best to keep the three as far away from each other as possible, and I understand that the men who wrote the US constitution were of a similar mind. Maybe letting that mosque get built is just the most American thing you could possibly do? As an aside, I'm pretty sure quite a few Muslims died when the towers came down, along with Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist, and Christians of all denominations.

  8. I'll make sure Moe reads this (Like I can make him do anything), we'll see if he wants to post at all next month when I go to Kentucky. As I said previously, he is used to people openly disagreeing with him.

    Regarding the Mosque issue, I feel that at the least it is an affront to those who perished in the attack and is in poor taste. I can't help but wonder though if the whole development scheme isn't more about dollars than politics/religion.